10 Great Things to Do in Cape Town Under R250 Per Person

Activities In Cape Town Under R250 Per Person

A lot of people have a misconception that things to do in Cape Town are extremely expensive. Sure, we have a lot of tourist attractions that cost a pretty penny, and accommodation in prime areas that are so expensive, selling your and your mother’s kidneys won’t suffice. But there are loads of activities in Cape Town under R250 per person.

Whether you’re visiting Cape Town or simply looking for new things to do, here is a lineup of unique ways to explore the Mother City like a tourist.

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Activities In Cape Town Under R250 Per Person

1. District Six Museum

History might not have been your favourite subject in school, but without learning from the past, we could easily repeat the same mistakes. Instead of having a boring textbook tell you what happened, why not visit a place where you can hear the stories and see the photos?

The District Six Museum was established in 1994. The concept arose from a need to honour the memories of the district’s evicted members. What was once a land of a vibrant and mixed community comprised of labourers, merchants, immigrants and freed slaves, now stands as barren land. So, the ex-residents gathered and shared their photos and stories to commemorate their home. Soon after, this became a tourist attraction and how we currently know the museum to be.

Without diving too deep into the history of South Africa and the district, we highly recommend visiting the museum to learn more about our country and its past.

Cost: From R50pp

When: Mon – Fri: 9am – 4pm
25A Buitenkant Street, Cape Town

Website: districtsix.co.za | Email: info@districtsix.co.za | Tel: 021 466 7200

silent disco

2. Silent Disco and Sunset Events

Only good vibes are on the cards at Sunset Events’ outrageously jolly silent disco in Cape Town. Featuring some of your favourite tracks and dance moves, this roving silent disco takes place at some of the city’s best beaches and rooftop venues. Head along on your own to meet like-minded others or gather your friends and family to experience silent disco together.

End the workday on the sand with tunes to set the mood for our epic sunsets. Do note that the event runs on a public beach, and public consumption of alcohol is not permitted on Cape Town beaches.

Cost: From R90pp to R150pp, book via Quicket

When: Weekends, generally on a Friday and Saturday afternoon from 5pm. See here for upcoming events
Where: Various venues including Camps Bay Beach, rooftop bars, and wine farms

Website: districtsix.co.za | Email: hello@silentevents.co.za | Tel: 072 777 0717


2. Half Hour Seal and Harbour Cruise

The Half Hour Seal and Harbour Cruise at Waterfront Charters is the perfect, and quickest way to see the V&A Waterfront and Cape Town harbour from the deck of a boat. Unwind on the Southern Cross, a classical trawler-based vessel, and sip an ice-cold drink as you take in the sights.

Your trip features a scenic guided harbour cruise through the working harbour of Cape Town. and close-up views of seals and ships. and the unequalled sights of the iconic V&A Waterfront, The tour is ideal for visitors, school groups or anybody who would like a quick introduction to the city and the Waterfront and every trip is different within a changing working harbour.

Cost: Online rate R65pp, book online via waterfrontcharters.co.za

When: Daily, timeslots at 11am, 12pm, 1pm, 2pm and 3pm
Where: Collect your boarding pass at Shop 5 on Quay 5 ( Next to Sevruga ), V&A Waterfront, Cape Town

Website: waterfrontcharters.co.za | Email: info@waterfrontcharters.co.za | Tel: 021 418 3168 | Mobile & WhatsApp 082 900 8234

Activities In Cape Town Under R250 Per Person

3. Rollercade

Rollercade is the very first venue for indoor roller skating in Cape Town. It has provided a safe space to relearn your juvenescence skills or to continue your current endeavour (depending on your age) without worrying about oncoming cars, pedestrians, or judgement from fellow roller-skaters.

Bookings are essential to participate in the roller sessions. If you find yourself in a tiresome mood, there is an additional gaming arcade area and pool tables to enjoy while you catch your breath.

Rollercade provides the skates and safety gear. So, all you have to bring is your best moves. However, be aware that this activity may rekindle your childhood memories or destroy your dreams when you realise, you’re not as nimble as you once thought.

Cost: From R40pp, book online

When: Times vary on Sessions. See bookings for more
Where: Dock Road, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town

Website: rollercade.co.za | Email: info@rollercade.co.za | Tel: 072 064 3963

Activities In Cape Town Under R250 Per Person

4. Go Grive-In

For most of us Go Drive-In is the childhood throwback we’ve wanted for years. For others, it is a foreign but appealing concept.

Guests park their cars in allocated locations and watch a film projected on a 9m screen. The audio is then played through their car radio or a rented boombox if they do not have one. The Roadhouse offers a coffee shop and a snack bar with the most necessary ingredient to round off the experience, popcorn. If visitors are in the mood for food, there are several food trucks to choose from.

So, whether you’re looking to relive your nostalgic memories or want to experience what a normal Friday night was like back in the day, Go Drive-In will give you the quintessential Roadhouse and drive-in experience.

Although the price is R250 per car, don’t think of trying to cheat the system by arriving in a large van with ten people squeezed in. The price per car is limited to five people per car. So, if you somehow manage to exceed the number of five people, it is an additional R30 per person thereafter.

Cost: R250 per car

When: Last Friday and Saturday of every month: from 6pm
Where: 346B Victoria Road, Salt River, Cape Town

Website: godrivein.com | Tel: 065 182 6287

Activities In Cape Town Under R250 Per Person


If not for the enthusiasm of Durbanville Hills’ wine producers and their everlasting faith in its potential and grapes, the venue would never have existed. Erected in the late 1990s, the farm made its first vintage wine in 1999 and hasn’t looked back since.

The restaurant at Durbanville Hills Winery offers serenity and natural beauty for people wanting to escape the noise, and hustle and bustle of Cape Town’s city. Guests are welcome to enjoy the most awe-inspiring panoramic views of Table Mountain, Table Bay, and the rolling hills and vineyards of the area. All this, while relishing in the consumption of meals that yield sophistication in an unpretentious manner.

Durbanville Hills offers a variety of tasting experiences. They have crystal- and reserve tastings and pair a variety of food like cheese, chocolate and even biltong with their wine. Be sure to book in advance due to the restaurant’s popularity. Read here for more regarding the tasting and bookings.

Cost: Tastings from R90pp

When: Sun – Tue: 8:30am – 3pm | Wed – Sat: 8:30am – 11pm
Where: M13, Tygerberg Valley Road, Durbanville

Website: durbanvillehills.co.za | Email: info@durbanvillehills.co.za | Tel: 021 558 1300

Activities In Cape Town Under R250 Per Person


Have you ever gone out onto the ocean to see nature doing its thing, but there was no activity above the surface? Well, look no further, because Circe Launches might be the solution you need.

Circe Launches is the original cruise operator for Duiker Island, also known as Seal Island. However, that’s not what makes this cruise special. What makes it special? We imagine you ask. Well, their boat, M.V. Calypso, has a glass bottom that allows passengers to see what the Cape Fur seals are getting up to in their natural environment.

During good visibility, guests can enjoy the views of the shallow waters beneath the boat around Duiker Island. Or, simply enjoy the views of the mountain, the seals lazing on the rocks, and the ocean on the horizon that portrays what seems like the edge of the world.

Cost: R100pp – Adults

When: All Week: 9am – 4pm
Where: Hout Bay Harbour, Hout Bay

Website: circelaunches.co.za | Email: bookings@circelaunches.co.za | Tel: 082 552 2904

Activities In Cape Town Under R250 Per Person


Cape Town’s V&A Waterfront provides numerous shops, restaurants and activities. One of these spontaneous and highly entertaining gems is the Cave Golf inside the Mineral World – Scratch Patch.

Offering an 18-hole mini-golf terrain for players equipped with all sorts of skills, from buttered fingers to a potential Tiger Woods, it’s a fantastically fun activity for all ages.

Come rain or come shine, this mini-golf course is indoors. So, the unpredictability of Cape Town’s weather won’t ruin your fun day out.

Cost: R35pp

When: Every day: 9am – 4:30pm
Where: Dock Road, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town

Website: scratchpatch.co.za | Email: tumbled@topstones.co.za | Tel: 021 786 2020

Activities In Cape Town Under R250 Per Person


The Labia Theatre was founded in 1949, making it the oldest Independent Art-Repertory Cinema in South Africa. Unlike regular cinemas or ‘bioscopes’, as the cool kids used to say, The Labia shows independent movies, foreign films, historical cinemas and other alternative and art circuit films.

Another quirky factor that gives this venue a unique experience and adds to the old-fashioned ambience is the coffee car with a liquor license. Selling all sorts of homemade delectable delicacies and snacks for the past 40 years.

With so many streaming services desperate for content, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by underwhelming films or series on television. That’s why we highly recommend the Labia Theatre and its tasteful collection of independent films.

Cost: From R70pp

When: All week: 11am – 10:30pm
Where: 68 Orange Street, Gardens, Cape Town

Website: thelabia.co.za | Email: labiatheatre@telkomsa.net | Tel: 021 424 5927

Activities In Cape Town Under R250 Per Person


Do you find yourself making drinks for all your friends at house parties? Or do you think you might have been a king’s mixologist in a past life? At Distillers & Union, you can put your hypothesis to the test.

At this craft distillery, guests are given an opportunity to create their very own gin. The incredibly enlightening staff will give guests a quick course on how to create their own gin which they can take home in a bottle with a hand-designed label.

If you simply wish to enjoy the drinks on offer, sit back and enjoy the view of the artisans in action as they craft your drink in front of you. With craft beers, gins, and cocktails, there is a vast catalogue for you to choose from. That being said, the venue also provides a tasting of the gins and beers to help you find your new favourite.

Follow the link here to read more about the gin making and tastings.

Cost: Tastings from R40pp

When: Wed – Thu: 8am – 6pm | Fri – Sat: 10am – 9pm
Where: 156 Victoria Road, Woodstock, Cape Town

Website: distillersunion.co.za | Email: info@distillersunion.co.za | Tel: 021 447 2517

Activities In Cape Town Under R250 Per Person


Bo-Kaap is a prime spot for lovers of heritage, architecture and history. The colourful houses and cobbled streets are iconic to the people of Cape Town and draw a feeling of fellowship.

The Bo-Kaap Museum’s building itself was built in the 1700s and is known as one of the earliest homes in the Bo-Kaap area. Because of this, the house was declared a National Monument in 1965. This led to the restoration and transformation into a museum in 1978.

After visiting the museum, stroll along the steep roads to the sound of the muezzin’s calls to prayer, as you take in the aesthetic beauty of the houses and the sensation of community.

Cost: R20pp

When: Mon – Sat: 9am – 5pm
Where: 71 Wale Street, Schotsche Kloof, Cape Town

Website: iziko.org.za | Email: info@iziko.org.za | Tel: 021 481 3800

Activities In Cape Town Under R250 Per Person


Traditionally Hawaiian, Stand-Up Paddling (SUP) has been a craze in Cape Town for a while. Welcoming experienced and fresh-blood guests to their waters, SUP offers 30-min or 1-hour sessions. They do, however, provide introductory lessons on flat water at their three stations. See the booking section for more.

If you genuinely love the experience and would like to do it more often, then you’re in luck. SUP Cape Town also has an online store where you can purchase all the required gear you would need to stand-up paddle. From boards, leashes and trendy artwork, the store stock is definitely worth a browse.

Even though this sport promotes balance, core strength and general fitness, one can cruise along like a true Venetian gondolier on the beautiful coastal waters of Cape Town and enjoy the spectacular views.

Cost: From R200pp

When: Mon: 10am – 5pm | Tue – Sun: 9am – 5pm
Where: Battery Park, Waterfront, Cape Town

Website: supcapetown.co.za | Email: supcapetown@gmail.com | Tel: 071 603 8388

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