Beautiful Wedding Brings More Romantic Chaos, Comedy and A Cute Love Story This Valentine’s Month

Beautiful Wedding

Beautiful Wedding in cinemas
Director & Writer: Roger Kumble
Producer: Brian Pitt, David Shojai, Nicolas Chartier, Jonathan Deckter, Roger Kumble
Starring: Dylan Sprouse, Virginia Gardner, Austin North, Libe Barer, Steven Bauer, Alex Aiono
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Running Time: 1h 30m
Age restriction: R

Beautiful Wedding is part of the new wave of young adult movies that come packed with fresh pop culture references, R-rated one-liners you’ll want to memorise, and a charming love story you’ll want to root for. Fans of Abby and Travis are in for another epic rom-com adventure as the film releases on Friday, 26 January 2024 nationwide ahead of Valentine’s month in Cape Town.

What happens in Beautiful Wedding?

We first met Abby and Travis in Beautiful Disaster released in 2023 as they went through a rollercoaster of screwball antics and romantic moments and ultimately ended up getting married in Las Vegas. In this sequel, the couple managed to make it to their honeymoon in Mexico. But considering their whirlwind and, frankly, crazy history, this honeymoon is bound to be anything but smooth sailing. 

If you enjoyed the carefree comedy charm of the first film, Beautiful Wedding follows yet another hilarious ride with some soft, rated-R moments with new faces such as Kyle Richards (from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills)  falling into scenes out of nowhere. The movie might remind viewers of their own funny and faintly traumatic holiday memories.

What made the prequel Beautiful Disaster so successful was the central relationship with both likeable and mildly annoying leads. Abby and Travis were a breath of fresh air, proving that you can have a relatively normal, imperfect relationship in these films while still enjoying all the fun.

Beautiful Wedding

Who is in the Beautiful Wedding cast?

Dylan Sprouse (the After series and The Suite Life of Zack & Cody) and Virginia Gardner (Fall) resume the roles of Travis and Abby while adding much to the film’s charm with their on-screen chemistry. Further cast members include Austin North, Libe Barer, and Alex Aiono. 

The film was written and directed by Roger Kumble who delivers a delightfully entertaining film that speaks to our current Instagram era. Kumble also directed Beautiful Disaster, as well as one of the most iconic teen movies of the late 90s, Cruel Intentions. 

Cast of Beautiful Wedding film in South Africa

When is the Beautiful Wedding release date in South Africa, and where can we see it?

It has been confirmed that Beautiful Wedding will be released in South African cinemas nationwide on 26 January 2024. Tickets for this romantic comedy can pre-booked at Ster Kinekor, Nu Metro and CineCentre GrandWest. Screenings take place at leading cinemas in Cape Town.

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