!Khwa ttu San Heritage Centre

Time: Daily 9am to 5pm

Venue address:
!Khwa ttu Nature Reserve, Grootwater Farm, R27, Yzerfontein

Tel: +27 22 492 2998

The details

The UNESCO World Heritage site captivates audiences with opportunities to dive deep into South Africa's first indigenous inhabitants.

Fascinating artefacts and historical photographs of the San are thoughtfully placed inside the !Khwa ttu museum that proudly displays Africa's ancestry.

Visitors can be physically and mentally immersed as the expeditions use interactive practices to give individuals a memorable experience.

Those who visit !Khwa ttu gets a deep understanding of the San and their remarkable spirit and resilience. There are two rooms inside the museum where stories and art can be admired and recent archeological discoveries of human origin.

The challenging history of colonisation and up-to-date contemporary community displays can be found within the colonial farm building.

Visitors can experience the everyday life of the San through immersive experiences showing a glimpse into what they faced and conquered in the Kalahari.

Detailed San guides are shared and preserved by some of the last inhabiting hunter-gatherer communities who continue to use their ancestors' wisdom and skills to survive.
What Else Does !Khwa ttu Offer?
There are three different tours to choose from !Khwa ttu, each with their enriching knowledge.

The San Guided Experience, taught by knowledgeable San Tour Guides, shares intriguing tales of their skills, language, history, survival tactics, traditions, and more.

The tour also provides a scenic drive through well-preserved fynbos to a replica San village. This is where visitors will be demonstrated how to read the landscape as well as the fauna and flora of the Kalahari.

The Heritage Centre Tour is led by a San Guide who walks visitors through the expeditions. The Guides provide detailed context to the artefacts, art, and stories. They narrate the tale of San origin while teaching essential knowledge of skills and wisdom.

The Garden Tour takes visitors on a scenic stroll and a delightful tea ceremony. Prepare to be transported by the art of San storytelling, dazzled by ancient healing practices, and captivated by the Sans click languages.

Since 1999, the nonprofit has been assisting San youth with training and finding stable jobs. Both locals and tourists are drawn in by the farm-to-table restaurants, beautiful guest houses, furnished tents with open-air showers, or cosy farm cottages.

Numerous wildlife from the communal boma, such as zebras, springboks, elands, and night hares, can be spotted. Feel free to explore the open biking, walking, and hiking trails in the beautiful surroundings.

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Wheelchair accessibility: Unknown

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