Phakalane Centre for Living Ritual

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Venue address:
12 Hunters Way, Hout Bay, Cape Town

Tel: 079 219 2725

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Located in Hout Bay, the Phakalane Centre for Living Ritual specializes in retreats that allow one to stop, be present, breathe and spend time in a safe and consciously held space. The cleansing retreats it offers throughout the year involve the consuming and making of fresh, organic juices and teas. There are also self-care rituals such as body oiling, cold showers, dry body brushing, daily steaming rituals.

The rituals are individually designed to provide support in times of change, transition and recovery, to help carry individuals going through life changing experiences such as a birth, death or the end of a marriage.

Founder of the centre, Claudia Rauber was a Sangoma and studied African Cosmology which the rituals are based on. Phakalane is a Setswana word for hawk and during the building of the centre, Rauber kept seeing the bird which is known to represent a symbolic connection between the spiritual and physical worlds. Rauber passed away in 2018 and the legacy she created with centre continues.

In addition, the Phakalane Centre for Living Ritual hosts different specialized events aimed at mindfulness such as Soma Breath Work workshops; Sound Journey Meditations and day retreats for teenagers.

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