SA Astronomical Observatory


Date: 2nd & 4th Saturday of every month

Time: 2nd & 4th Sat of every month @ 8pm

Venue address:
1 Observatory Rd, Observatory, Cape Town

Tel: +27 21 447 0025

The details

The Astronomical Observatory is located at the site of the former Royal Observatory. This historical venue hosts regular talks and viewings through modern and old telescopes, including the 1894 Maclean telescope located on a hydraulic floor. Open days are run by enthusiasts and volunteers, and are renowned for their professionalism.

SAAO Open Nights, on the second and fourth Saturday of every month. These include a presentation on topics of astronomy or physics, and an introduction to the historic McClean telescope, the observatory museum, and the library. If the weather is clear, there will be a chance for stargazing using the McClean and other telescopes set up for the night.

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Wheelchair accessibility: Yes

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