SA Lipizzaners Lunge Lesson


Date: Mon to Sat year round

Time: 8:30am to 12pm

Venue address:
Paarl Farms, Cape Town

Tel: 0797164792

The details

Taking place in the massive indoor hall of the SA Lipizzaners, lungeing lessons are an opportunity for riders and enthusiasts of all abilities to ride a Lipizzaner stallion under expert supervision.

Have you ever found yourself watching Olympic dressage riders and wondering how they look so good on a horse? Do you strive to be the best, most balanced rider you can be?

Lungeing lessons provide a chance to focus on on the fundamentals of correct seat position. Riders can work on their strength, balance, coordination, confidence and relaxation in the saddle without having to worry about steering or controlling the horse.

In classical riding, lungeing lessons help create and correct the solid foundation of beautiful and effective riding. At the South African Lipizzaners, learning position on the lunge is a major part of the student programme curriculum.

From happy-hackers to serious dressage riders, all will enjoy and benefit from a lungeing session. Lessons are personally tailored to develop the ability of each individual rider while focusing on desired outcome.

Individual lessons are priced at a standard rate of R450 per 30 minute lesson and occur at set times during the week. Rides are encouraged to book several lessons as a course for optimal gain Specials deals are often available.

Email for further booking information and availability.
Note: lessons are limited to riders 14 years and older. As Lipizzaners are relatively small horses, a strict weight limit of 80kg applies.

The school is closed from +/- 23 December each year to +/- 8 January of the following year.

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Wheelchair accessibility: No

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