Salsa Cape Town

Time: Various times

Venue address:
1 Edmar St, Danena, Cape Town (and other venues - see website)

Tel: 074 170 0780

The details

Salsa Cape Town offers Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba (SBK) classes throughout various venues and suburbs in Cape Town from Tygervalley and Rondebosch to Tableview and Cape Town CBD. The goal is to inspire the SBK movement to everyone, showing the beauty of movement and dance, allowing people the opportunity to learn such a wonderful life skill, empower people with dance and allow everyone to enjoy the SBK social dance scene to its fullest potential.

Lessons start from absolute beginner and guide you step by step in friendly, comprehensive and fun Salsa, Bachata & Kizomba classes / courses.

A great way to learn how to dance salsa is in one of the group classes, learning with others like yourself, in a fun, step by step, structure and syllabus driven class. Join one of the courses and learn at a suitable pace as you are guided every step of the way ensuring that you have a great time, while learning how to lead and follow, basic to advanced salsa techniques, spins, shines, footwork, turn patterns, musicality and much more.

The beginner dance courses are perfect for anyone with 0-6 months of salsa training under their belt. From absolute beginners and those who claim to have 2 left feet to those that have some salsa under their belt but would like to cement the basics before moving on, this course is ideal for you.

The more advanced salsa class welcomes those with a solid base of salsa and that have been dancing for approximately 6+ months. This platform allows for monthly membership and focuses on levelling up your dancing on the social scene with technical footwork, advanced leading the following, spinning, techniques and complex turn patterns as well ensuring flow with dancing.

Intro to Kizomba classes are for absolute beginners and welcome all to learn how to Kiz. The more advanced classes take place simultaneously and offer a great combination of core foundation, flow, techniques, leading and following, fun moves and more.

Offerings include private dance tuition for those that would like to accelerate their dancing, focusing on in-depth growth, prefer 1-on-1 training, cannot attend group classes or simply would like to get additional training in and take your dancing to the next level.
This private training is also available for couples and groups that would like a personal once off or regular, weekly training session.

If you are keen to join for a dance lesson, or perhaps you are here in Cape Town visiting, feel free to join in for a "drop-in" lesson, simply book your spot and come dance.

Mojo Salsa Sundays

Come and join us every Sunday from 6:30pm at Mojo Market for the hottest salsa class and party event every single Sunday
This free event welcomes all to join in and learn how to dance. Our team from SACATO will guide you step by step in a fun, friendly, enjoyable, social and interactive class where we will have you and many more dancing Salsa within the hour.

Come hungry and enjoy the Mojo vibe along with 25+ food and drinks vendors!

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