Table Mountain Hikes

Date: Daily

Time: 6am to 8pm

Venue address:
30 Ravensteyn Rd, Bakoven, Cape Town

Tel: 021 424 8181

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Table Mountain hikes can be accessed along various routes.

The two most popular starting points are at the Cable Station and at Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden. Because the mountain is flat on top many hikers underestimate the difficulty of the routes - they are tough and every year people die on the mountain if they go 'off-trail'.

The hike from the cable station sees hikers initally walking approximately 1km along Table Mountain Road to the Platteklip Hut and Ravine. From there the trail is followed up the Ravine. The hike follows a rough stone stairway to the top and takes roughly 2 hours depending on one's fitness. The altenative route is called India Venster and is a more challenging route with some big exposures. The route starts under the Cables, goes up to the base of the first line of cliffs and takes about 3 hours.

The most popular route from Kirstenbosch Gardens is up Skeleton Gorge (on the right of 'Teddy Bear' peak). It takes hikers up to Maclears Beacon (the highest point of the mountain) and from there along an easy path to the Upper Cable Station.

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Wheelchair accessibility: No

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