5 Essential Ways To Make Sure You Sleep Better Over the Festive Break


As experts in bedding and all things sleep-related, Dial-a-Bed has some nifty info on how to stride into the New Year with renewed energy. It’s a no-brainer that you need sound sleep, rest, and relaxation to enjoy all the festivities, long nights and activities over the holiday break.

We partnered with Dial-a-Bed to share a guide with essential tips on how to manage your sleep over the holiday season. The bedware brand in South Africa has been in the business of beds since 1996, so the team knows a thing or two about the best beds in South Africa that can last a lifetime. Whether you prefer a soft, cosy bed or crisp, weighty sheets, there’s a set just for you.

Sleep deprivation is real

The holiday season often brings a whirlwind of must-do events in Cape Town, family meetups, and late-night revelries. During this time, two things generally happen: we often disrupt our bodies’ circadian rhythms (i.e. our internal clock). Secondly we unknowingly (or knowingly) sleep deprive ourselves.

Why should we care about our sleep during holidays? According to a study by the National Library of Medicine in the United States, lack of sleep and irregular sleep patterns can harm your physical and mental health. The consequences of poor sleep range from weakened immune systems to impaired cognitive function. It’s important to balance enjoying the festivities and protecting our sleep.


1. Limit the snacks and treats before bedtime

As you start sharpening up your sleep routine over the holiday, be mindful of overindulgence and festive treats before bedtime. It’s easy to casually amp up on the coffee, cocktails and snack platters close to bedtime, but these can disrupt your sleep. Experts also recommend avoiding heavy meals at least 2 hours before bedtime.

What’s more, despite the popular belief that nighttime alcohol helps settle you into a restful sleep, consumption of alcohol actually prevents you from getting deep, good-quality sleep.

2. Invest in a bigger bed for ultimate comfort

There’s a reason people have a better night’s sleep in a hotel room and it’s because, well… the beds are generally bigger. If your space allows for it, try and invest in a bigger bed. A king bed is an ultimate size when it comes to updating your bedding and allows flexibility and freedom to roll, curl and stretch as you please.

The brand is currently running their annual Dial-a-Bed Summer Sleep Sale that offers a 30% discount on a wide range of mattresses and bed bases until 5 February 2024. Shop models from leading brands such as Sealy, King Koil, Restonic, Simmons, Cloud Nine, Forty Winks and many more to tackle your sleep needs.

In the way of bed accessories, there’s a large selection of pillows, pillow protectors, mattress protectors, headboards, pedestals, and sleeper couches. The bed shop in Cape Town knows that sometimes the best shopping is done from the comfort of your couch or desk, which is why they sell a huge range of our beds online so that you can shop conveniently – and save.


3. Dial down on your screen time

Once you’ve dialled up the comfort of your bed sanctuary, you’ll want to develop some healthy habits to back this up. Keeping your bed and room just for rest and sleeping is key—no late-night chats, no binge-watching shows, and definitely try and resist the urge to open TikTok.

4. Take it easy while catching up on some sleep

The holiday break is the perfect time to ditch the 9 to 5 rat race and choose rest, recovery and rejuvenation with simple sleeping sessions. Look at sleep as an essential tool to help recharge your mind and body. Plus it won’t cost you anything!

The holidays are a great chance to rest and catch up on some lost sleep, allowing yourself to wake up each morning feeling refreshed and ready to take on the Christmas and New Year’s planning with the family, things to do with kids or date outings. But be realistic and try not to overcommit yourself with a packed schedule, you are only human and cannot attend every event, party or invite.

5. Set up your morning and evening routines

While the holidays bring a shift from your usual routine as you wake up and go to bed later, making a conscious effort to prioritise a somewhat consistent bedtime and wake-up times can help with healthy sleep patterns. 

Set realistic sleep goals and stick to them. And taking steps to de-stress should be at the top of your list. It’s fine to have a late night or early morning once in a while, but try to stick to a consistent schedule where possible and create clear space between day and night. Building a habit to signal this switch could help—try kicking off your evening with yoga stretches, meditation, or reading.


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