Jolly Roger Pirate Boat Kiddies Party: Adventure on the High Seas

kids on a Jolly Roger Pirate Boat cruise in Cape Town

The Jolly Roger Pirate Boat is South Africa’s only pirate-themed vessel offering a unique and thrilling setting for a kiddies party in Cape Town. This nautical adventure is not just a party but a journey into the world of pirates, making it an unforgettable experience for the young and the young at heart. Here’s what makes the Jolly Roger Pirate Boat Kiddies Party an extraordinary event for kids:

Jolly Roger Pirate Boat Kids Party

Customisable Packages for Every Buccaneer

There are a variety of packages to suit different preferences and budgets available at this popular adventure cruise in Cape Town. Options range from the basic Robinson Cruise package to the more elaborate Captain Hook setup with a party box filled with treats.

For those seeking a more exclusive experience, the private party option ensures that the boat and all its treasures are reserved solely for the birthday child and their guests.

Setting Sail for Fun: A Pirate’s Life for Thee

Imagine the excitement on the children’s faces as they step aboard the Jolly Roger, a boat that seems to have sailed straight out of a pirate tale. The atmosphere is exhilarating, with the vessel decked out in true buccaneer style, complete with Jolly Roger Pirate Boat flags and pirate-themed décor.

little boy dressed up as pirate holding a sword

Anchors Aweigh: Activities Galore

The party kicks off with an assortment of pirate-themed activities. Kids are greeted by a professional entertainer, ensuring that the energy is high and the fun never stops. Activities like face painting transform the kids into fearsome pirates, and a treasure hunt prepares them for the adventures ahead. The highlight of the Jolly Roger Pirate Boat Kids Party is the Pirate Pledge, a unique initiation into the world of seafaring rogues that captures the imagination of every child on board.

Seamless Party Planning for Parents

Parents looking to host a party on the Jolly Roger Pirate Boat will find the planning process hassle-free. The packages are comprehensive, covering entertainment, décor, and various activities. Time slots are available throughout the year except peak season which runs from 15 December to 15 January, allowing for flexibility in scheduling. Including the birthday child’s parents in the package ensures they can enjoy the festivities without additional costs.

Jolly Roger Pirate Boat Kiddies Party

A Party to Remember on Jolly Roger Pirate Boat Kiddies Party

A birthday party on the Jolly Roger is more than just a celebration; it’s an adventure that children will remember for years to come. Combining an authentic pirate atmosphere, engaging ocean activities, and the excitement of a sea voyage creates a magical experience. It’s a chance for kids to live out their pirate fantasies, making their day truly special.

Setting Sail Towards New Adventures

As the Jolly Roger docks back at the V&A Waterfront, young pirates disembark with stories to tell and memories to cherish. The experience of being a pirate for a day, complete with adventures on the high seas, is a unique gift that parents can give their children. It’s not just a party; it’s an adventure that sails towards lifelong memories.

Jolly Roger Pirate Boat Kiddies Party at the V&A Waterfront promises a truly unique party experience. With its blend of pirate ambience, engaging activities, and the thrill of a sea voyage, it promises an unforgettable celebration for any child dreaming of adventure on the high seas.

More Than Kids Party Cruise Boat

The Jolly Roger Pirate Boat is a unique attraction with the only authentic pirate ship in South Africa. It is designed to provide a full-blown pirate experience to its visitors.

The Jolly Roger is equipped to handle various events, including daily scheduled cruises and sunset trips. It has a capacity of 75 passengers when sailing and can accommodate up to 100 when moored at the quayside.

The boat is well-equipped, with facilities like a bar area, sound system, lighting, and even a dance pole, making it an ideal venue for various events and parties.

While the Jolly Roger is popular for hosting children’s birthday parties with a pirate theme, it’s not limited to just that. The boat offers experiences that adults can enjoy, too, such as the 90-minute Sunset Party Cruise. These cruises feature live entertainment, providing a unique and enjoyable experience for all ages.

The Jolly Roger Pirate Boat stands out for its unique pirate-themed setting and versatile offerings, catering to various preferences and events, from family outings to private pirate functions.

Booking Options Include: Daily scheduled trips, private charters, children’s parties, and sunset cruises with entertainment, which should all be done through the website.

Cost: Robinson Cruisoe – R250 per child | Captain Hook – R300 per child (includes party packs) | Private Kids Party – R 8,500 (2-hour Exclusive Venue Hire) A minimum 10 kids are required for a booking

When: September to end April – time slots at 10am to 12pm, 12:30pm to 2:30pm, 3pm to 5pm | The experience runs for 1 hour and 45 mins (1-hour venue hire with the entertainer, 45 mins boat cruise. Excludes food and drink). To book, email
Where: Meet at 7A, 5 W Quay Rd, Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, Cape Town

Tel: 021 421 0909
Whatsapp: 066 179 8466
Instagram: @jollyrogerpirateboat_
Facebook: @jollyrogerpirateboat

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