You Can Now Find KAH Blanco Tequila on South African Shelves

KAH Blanco Tequila

KAH Tequila, one of the high-quality tequila labels in South Africa, recently added the new KAH Blanco tequila spirit to their collection. Many seasoned tequila fans will instantly recognise the label’s signature Day of the Dead-inspired skull sculpture bottles and exceptional tequila craftsmanship. 

The brand’s Anejo (black skull) and Reposado (yellow skull) tequilas are already firm favourites with mixologists and tequila fans. Therefore the new KAH Blanco Tequila marks a significant milestone for the brand, expanding its portfolio and offering tequila enthusiasts a versatile and authentic experience. 

KAH Blanco Tequila

What makes KAH Blanco Tequila so special?

On our press day opening for KAH Blanco Tequila, we discovered that you can only really explore the true craftsmanship and flavour notes of the spirit when it’s served neat at room temperature. May sound daunting for a beverage bottled at an alcohol percentage of 43% ABV Gone are the days when shots were served with a slice of lemon or mixed in a cocktail. Tequila appreciation is emerging at a steady pace in South Africa with a good number of well-respected global labels on our shelves today. And this new addition to the KAH staple speaks to the growing trend.

All KAH Tequila is famously made with 100% Blue agave farmed in Mexico, and packed in the brand’s eye-catching skull-shaped bottle in ivory that will stand out on any drinks trolley.

Tasting notes include delicate and pleasant aromas with pronounced notes of cooked agave and light floral notes. Distinctive by powerful agave, the flavours are quite heady starting with sweet and fruity while leading the senses into more peppery tastes. The finish is clean and smooth. KAH tequila is also Kosher certified.

KAH Blanco Tequila

The story behind their iconic Day of the Dead bottle

“KAH” translates to “life” in the ancient Mayan language, and the Day of the Dead is a celebration of lives lived. The popular multi-day festival brings together family and friends to pray for and remember those they have lost. The customs are based on the belief that mourning and sadness are an insult to the deceased, and therefore, the lives they lived should be celebrated with the food, drink, and activities they enjoyed while still alive.  

All KAH Tequila bottles are made from ceramic, and handpainted with the Day of the Dead design which makes the bottle a keepsake.

Cost: Prices ranging from R849 to R899 in retail stores. Shop online or try at one of the leading cocktail bars in Cape Town and Stellenbosch

Where to get it: KAH Blanco tequila is available at selected Pick ‘n Pay, Checkers Makro, Takealot and Norman Goodfellows stores

Tel: 079 499 9811
Instagram: @kah_tequila_africa

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