Haute Mixology Meets Premium Whisky for the Laphroaig and Nocturne Pop-Up Dinner Event in Cape Town

A few of the best, hand-picked restaurants across the city are gearing up for Laphroaig Single Malt Scotch Whisky’s Taste Trailblazers in South Africa, a global celebration of culinary pioneers pushing the boundaries of flavour.

Inspired by Islay, Taste Trailblazers challenges some of the best restaurants in Cape Town to merge the best of their kitchen and bar skills to create a series of culinary experiences based on the three taste pillars that make Laphroaig the nest single malt Scotch Whisky – salt, fire and peat.

A masterful take on mixology

Intimate, refined and interactive, Nocturne restaurant is taking on the challenge and partnering with Laphroaig as part of their Taste Trailblazers campaign. This dinner event in Cape Town is hosted by Brand Ambassador, Steven Zylstra.

The dining experience will focus on bridging the gap between the food and mixology cultures, implementing the driving force behind their cuisine creations of sustainability, authenticity, seasonality, and locality.

Guests can look forward to an 8-course seasonally created multi-sensory and interactive food and Laphroaig pairing menu which includes an intimate experience with direct engagement with both the chef and mixologist. 

Cost: R1,890 per person, book via mixology@nocturneexperience.co.za

When: Friday, 1 September from 6pm
Where: 43 Plein Street, Stellenbosch

Darren Badenhorst and Callan Austin

More about Nocturne

Nocturne officially opened their doors in July 2023 and is the brainchild of chef and restaurateur duo, Darren Badenhorst and Callan Austin – also the owners of the renowned and awarded Dusk Restaurant. The space was created as a secondary expression point for the duo who have a passion for not only food but the beverage sector too.

The menu is inspired by bi-products and creations from the Dusk test kitchen and fermentation lab with a focus on pushing the boundaries of the food and beverage sector in South Africa. With an intimate space, they are allowed to engage with guests on both the beverage and food front which creates a truly unique experience.

The tastes of Islay

Founded in 1815 and perched on the south coast of Islay, Laphroaig is one of the oldest distilleries in Scotland and produces single-malt Scotch whisky renowned for its smoky notes and distinct flavour profile.

Laphroaig produces its award-winning whiskies based on three main pillars – peat, fire and salt. The innovative founders of the distillery used the surplus of organic matter from the barley they had grown to fire up their whisky-making process. The result was whisky with unique flavours of the essence of Islay itself, peat.

Laphroaig’s whiskies draw their salty notes from the wood in the barrels infused by the stormy Atlantic climate as the warehouse has braced itself against the craggy shores of the bay for over 100 years. The third factor contributing to Laphroaig’s distinctive taste is the flaming peat kilns they’ve used, which are nearly as old as the distillery itself.

The open flames of the turf fire burn low and long with deep smoke rising through the malting floors – a magical process that produces the iconic whisky.

Email: mixology@nocturneexperience.co.za
Tel: 021 023 4745
Facebook: @nocturnestellenbosch
Instagram: @nocturne_stellenbosch

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