Pre-Loved Fashion Show with Blue Cherry Thrift at the Simon’s Town Museum

Pre-Loved Fashion Show a woman holding a shirt with a flower design on it

In a time when environmental awareness is higher than ever, Blue Cherry Thrift in Simon’s Town is hosting a Pre-Loved Fashion Show on Saturday, 27 July 2024. The event runs at Simon’s Town Museum and comes as a great opportunity to see the rich cultural heritage of the village with archival art, photography and cherished mementoes.

Do your bit to combat textile waste while scoring new threads at this pre-loved market in Cape Town. Forget fast fashion and get into the pre-owned, vintage, street and good-quality pieces to keep your wardrobe looking fresh.

The event is running from 3pm where you can expect a day of thrift shoppers and sellers, cakes and tea served throughout the afternoon. Bon Courage Wine Farm will host a pop-up bar serving sparking wine and their popular vintages. 

Looking to stay over? The team can arrange discounted packages for accommodation if you would like to explore the beautiful village.

Pre-Loved Fashion Show a woman holding a shirt with a flower design on it

How to book tickets for the Pre-Loved Fashion Show

Cost: R150pp. Book via email or call 076 304 2931

When: Saturday, 27 July at 3pm
Where: The Residency at Simon’s Town Museum, Court Road, Simon’s Town, Cape Town

Tel: 076 304 2931
Facebook: @bluecherrythrift
Instagram: @bluecherrythrift_ct

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