Join the creative revolution!

Calling artistic talent everywhere: Claim the streets as your stage!

Engage with the city around you: its sights, its sounds, and the inspiration it oozes from every angle.

We challenge you all: Go and seek out the hidden QR codes. Watch the videos and spread the word. Do you dare to add your own?

How do I engage?

STEP 1: Look below to see what short videos appeal to you. NB They are all across the city, with more coming soon.

STEP 2 : Follow the directions for each video. Find the hidden QR codes, and scan them to watch the videos.

STEP 3: Let us know which are your favourites, and whether YOU have a video you'd like to submit!

Want to know more about Scene It?

If you have content that you would like us to consider, or would like to find out about creating content to share with the public at large, we'd love to hear from you!
Book a chat with our founder, Daisy, to find out more.