Be Part of Our Short Video Competition: #CelebrateCapeTownSummer

Celebrate Cape Town: Animator Yash B at Battery Park for Scene It

Calling all short video creators! At What’s on in Cape Town we get to see the best of what is going down in the Mothercity. And we’ve got a competition to offer!

For us, one of the most exciting creative projects of 2023 was AnimateCT, from brand new initiative, Scene It.  You can view the highlights of Animate CT here.

Animator Yash B at the V&A Waterfront Battery Park for Scene It
A still from Yash B’s entry for Scene It’s AnimateCT competition. To see this and other animation videos set in Cape Town click the image.


Scene It’s tagline “People doing cool things, in locations we love” challenges anyone with a creative spark to create short videos at a recognisable landmark in Cape Town. It’s a fantastic way to celebrate our city and the talent that thrives within it. Inspired by this, we’ve partnered with Scene It to set up a new challenge: #CelebrateCapeTownSummer

Short Video Competition: #CelebrateCapeTownSummer

What’s on in Cape Town, together with Scene It, challenges YOU to create your own video showing off YOUR creative skills.

Videos must be filmed with a recognisable Cape Town backdrop, and can feature any of the following skills:

  • Animation (2D, 3D, stop motion)
  • Acrobatics (with or without skateboards, rollerblades etc)
  • Camera tricks (eg perspective, timelapse, slo-mo)
  • Comedy
  • Dance
  • Fashion
  • Music and Singing 
  • Poetry
  • SFX make-up
  • Storytelling

We’re challenging you to get the family out, and make a short video in the Mothercity this festive season! Post it on your social media and tag @woict, @sceneit.ct and #CelebrateCapeTownSummer so you can be sure we see it. We’ll share the best ones on the What’s on in Cape Town and Scene It platforms.


Waterfront Theatre School at the Waterfront for Scene It
A still from Waterfront Theatre School’s ‘Anything Goes’ video for Scene It. To see other videos filmed near this spot, click the image.

Competition Prizes

And of course you can win! Prizes in our Cape Town hamper include

  • a paddle-boarding experience for two from SUP Cape Town
  • a picnic for four from Beau Constantia
  • a yoga session for 2 on the Pipe Track with Cape Town Yoga Girl
  • tickets for four people to the fabulous Drumstruck show at Silvermist Estate, including a wine-tasting
    and more!

Entries will be judged on an ongoing basis, with any video that is clearly receiving public love (based on numbers of shares / likes / comments relative to the size of the following) automatically being entered into the draw for the prize hamper.

We’ll announce the prizes and the winners on social media. Follow @sceneit.ct on Insta or TikTok to keep up with the latest news (we know you already follow @woict!)

So grab your phone and get out there. We don’t need to tell you what makes a good video, but here are Scene It’s guidelines just in case.

We look forward to seeing and sharing your short videos!

Check out Scene It for more inspiration



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