Action Film with a Great Story – The Equalizer 3: Final Chapter Review

The Equalizer 3 Review

The Equalizer 3 follows Denzel Washington’s character wreaking havoc on his enemies and it’s a show worth watching for anyone who loves a great action film with a great story. Acting as Robert McCall, Washington’s character is ruthless from the get-go with breaks of humanity in between that show a life where he can finally rest his hat and settle down in peace from protecting all that is good. 

Great storytelling weaved in with bursts of kick-ass action

The opening scene is a precursor for what’s to come as he leaves countless bodies on the floor, all taken out quite violently and as the film progresses more hard-hitting action takes over. The film’s story is truly well done. Washington’s character grapples between his life as a rogue special operative and using his powers of destruction for good, but it 

is ultimately sinful. He grapples with the notion of being someone who is inherently good but does deeds that are bad, and that’s the film’s theme which really creates subtle conflict with Washington. 

The film takes place on the coast of Sicily in Italy. Washington gets wounded early in the film and is remedied back to health by one of the locals. As the film moves on we come to learn that Washington’s character (McCall) just wants a place where he can find some semblance of peace and a place that steers clear of crime and blatant corruption. 

The Equalizer 3 Review

Going beyond the call of duty

Lo and behold trouble finds Washington again as there is a drug trafficking syndicate working in the streets of Sicily and run by the Italian mafia. The mafia, headed by Andrea Scarduzio character (Vincent Quaranta), takes no prisoners and threatens the very livelihoods of the people who live in the small coastal town. They force the residents to pay them and one owner of a fish shop has his building burnt down as the mafia’s threats become life threatening. They are very dangerous and Washington’s character reaches boiling point as he doesn’t stand by and let violence and corruption continue. This is where his super soldier skills come to the big screen and wow, it really is a sight to see.

The film shines best when Washington’s character outwits the mafia in standoffs that leave them begging for mercy and death in their tracks. This is what makes the movie’s action go full throttle and when Washington brings out the big guns, knives and any lethal object besides his hands – as he takes out the enemies with premeditated attacks that are a joy to watch. The bad guys see Washington as an ordinary person, but little do they know he has lethal sets of skills that leave them helpless. He is as much a protector as he is a silent assassin, Washington knows that he can save lives but in order to do so he must take lives in the process. And this is what the theme of the film is about. Doing something sinful to save the innocence of the town in Sicily and the residents just trying to live as civilians. This is concurrent with the last two Equalizer movies, and it rings true in this third installment which really goes beyond the call of duty to protect all that is vulnerable and people who are essentially good. 

The Equalizer 3 Review

Protector, judge jury and executioner

As a silent protector and in most cases judge, jury and executioner, Washington gets investigated by the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), and one operative played by Dakota Fanning (Acteur). This is midday through the movie and shows the background of who Robert McCall really is. Fanning asks why Washington hunts some of the baddest criminals around, which forms part of the drug trafficking syndicate. He simply replies to most questions cryptically and says he’s just another person that wants what everybody wants – a world that is devoid of corruption and unjust actions. It’s quite humorous during this scene because they both know that Washington is responsible for the murders of the drug traffickers. 

The Equalizer sticks to its guns as being one of the most action-packed films that uses the device of time perfectly. In the past two films Washington scopes the environment and the enemies he faces before unleashing hell on his enemies. And this remains the same in one where the camera goes into a first person action frame, brutally showing how he takes out the mafia and it really hits the viewer hard and it’s great to witness. Overall, as a protector of good among evil in this little town of Sicily, The Equalizer 3 and Washington being the bringer of light in darkness and corruption – this action film hits bullseye as the bad guys face the wrath of justice and it really makes for a great watch.

– Review by Matthew Van Shalkwyk

Where to see it 

Equalizer 3: The Final Chapter is out in Ster Kinekor, Nu Metro, and CineCentre cinemas in Cape Town and nationwide from 1 September 2023.

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